Olaia Sendón Ogando
osendon@gmail.com 616231892
Ourense (Spain), 1978.

Degree in Audiovisual Communication (Media) by the Universitat Autónoma of Barcelona.
DEA in Publicity by the Universidad of Vigo
Teacher in the Escola de Imaxe e Son da Coruña (Media vocational training school) since the year 2002.


Petites Superfícies  Project for Dispostivos Post included in a seminar for the Fundació Tapiès (Barcelona)
Kaufland  winner of the VIII Premio Auditorio Novos Artistas (provided with 6000 EUR).



Kaufland mo  Kunstverein Graz Regensburg (Alemania)


Pequenas Superficies - Small surfaces (installation) in the Kaldarte 12 
Kaufland mo (transmedia installation) XII Mostra internacional Gas Fenosa.
VJing for the snakizados  Theatrical piece (premiere September 25th ) .
Videos for theatrical play Snakizados of Ancora producciones.


Pequenas Superficies - Small surfaces (representation) San Agustín's Market ( A Coruña)
Maniquízate (transmedia project).
VJing for the Las erres dobles  tour of the singer Silvia Penide.


Pequenas Superficies (installation) 11  Mostra internacional Gas Fenosa
Catálogo de Galaxias Sociais Video included in the disc Kosmogonías of the band Berrogüetto.


Feature film about the vision of the sea in the Costa da morte (Death Coast, Galicia) through the stuff that is brought to the seashore by the sea (in process)
Tendas- Shops.
Video documentary about the disarticulation of the traditional corner shops, due to the tendency of globalization represented by the phenomenon of the shopping centres.


1,2,3 Rodando -1,2,3 Shooting.
Documentary about the galescolas (kindergartens subsidized by the state).
Os fabulosos irmáns da luz - The fabulous brothers of light. 
The memory of the cinema as a collective space through the places that used to host it.
Premier in Muxía (Death Coast)
Official section of the Festival de Cine de Malaga
Official section of the Festival de Cine Independente de Ourense.
Present in the SH contemporary, Shanghai ( 2009)
Part of the Exhibition Derradeira Sesión, Casa da Parra, Compostela (2009)
Palexco, A coruña (2010)


A casa de Lola de Andrés- The house of Lola de Andrés
Documentary about the property speculation and its link with the disarticulation of the memory.
Official section of the Festival de Cine de Malaga
Official section Alcances
Official section Festival de Cine Independente de Ourense.
Included in the DOCLAB (Cinemajove de Valencia)
Projected in Centro Cervantes in Ljubjana (Slovenja) Centro Luis Buñuel (London) in the Ateneu of Pontevedra…
Included in Cinemas Dixitais

Ficción publicitaria- publicitary fiction
Video made for Architects Without Borders.

Tiff 2006. 

Interactive work that uses the scanner as a medium of artistic expression for learning.
Iogures comunicantes- Comunicating yogurts 

Winner of the prize Curtas na Rede.
Present in Casa Asia Feria CIGE in Beijing.

Diario de cicatrices- scar diaries
Projected in the CGAC as part of the festival Curtocircuíto 06.
Ramón Caamaño: fotográfo muxían.
 Video part of the exhibition Retratos da Costa da Morte (Death Coast Portraits) (Caixanova: Vigo, Ourense, Pontevedra…).