It is said that hair preserves the memory of what it has lived. It is said that the states of mind get stuck on it like an indelible patina. It is also said that you can draw a map of the places you have visited from just a single hair.

There are people who define their life trough images. From the box of biscuits in which granny keeps the only photo she has of her parents, to that overfed with meals and selfies. Facebook profiles show us a tale of ourselves which turns out to be as explicit as mysterious. The lewd accuracy which the private image shows off, makes up the drama of the intimate discourse.

At last there are people who enjoy the winding road, the sinuous laps of the metaphors and defy de accuracy with the powerful evocation of the legends.The mythical explanation, so chaotic, so irrational and jet dwelling intensely in the territory of the imagination. Those are the tales we were told throughout our childhood, the legends of our Hamlets and the mythology we have inherited.

Three discourses (scientific, intimate and mythical) which contribute to tell us who we are.

The project is apparently simple: a person cuts off his hair in front of the camera while we listen to a tale, a legend. But things aren't that simple, the video trespasses the documentation to turn into a private image from the moment we share it with friends and family. And the legend is nothing but a portrait of the living memories which took place while our hair was growing in a sort of intimate mythology.